Top 10 Resorts In Alwar For Family Vacations

Top 10 Resorts In Alwar For Family Vacation – Are you planning a family vacation this year? If so, you’ll want to add Alwar to your list of destinations. Alwar is a beautiful city in Rajasthan that offers plenty of activities for all ages. Here are the top 10 resorts in Alwar for family vacation.

Distinctive architecture, premium lodging, ballrooms huge meeting rooms, restaurants, and leisure activities such as golf or skiing are all examples of why these hotels may be used as destinations. From big cities to remote places, they may be found in a range of contexts.

Top 10 Resorts In Alwar For Family Vacations 2022

Distinctive architecture, upscale lodgings, ballrooms, huge conference rooms, restaurants, and leisure activities like golf or skiing are all characteristics of these hotels as destinations. They might be found in a range of contexts, from big cities to isolated areas. There’s no better place to go on a family vacation than Alwar. Many top-rated resorts can be found in Rajasthan’s gorgeous city,

which provides a range of activities for the whole family. You’ll have everything you need to have a great time from swimming pools to amusement parks. Make sure to allot enough time for everyone to have their own space in each day. Be ready for some scorching Indian summers if hot weather is your thing.

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Best Resort For Honeymoon In Alwar

  • Neemrana’s Hill-Fort, Kesroli
  • Amanbagh- Ajabhgarh Alwar
  • Little Affair Sariska, Tehla
  • The Chalet By Rampur, Rajdoli Rajgarh
  • Burja Haveli Hotel-7th milestone ,Alwar
  • Shiva Oasis Resort -NH 48, Neemrana
  • Neemrana Fort Palace-Neemrana

Top 10 Resorts In Alwar For Family Vacations

Are you taking a family vacation this year? If so, Alwar should be on your list of places to visit. Alwar, a Rajasthan city with a lot to do, is a gorgeous place. For a family vacation in Alwar, here are the top 10 resorts.

Neemrana’s Hill-Fort Kesroli

One of India’s oldest heritage hotel sites is the Fourteenth-century Hill Fort-Kesroli! You dwell amid the safety of magnificent 700-year-old walls that rise sharply to 200 feet, sitting atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks. The changing agricultural perspectives of mustard, millet, and wheat fields are worth seeing. Visiting the surrounding palaces, museums, natural monuments, and sanctuaries of Alwar and Sariska from Kesroli is a great idea.

The seven-turreted Hill Fort-Kesroli has a history of almost 700 years. The Yaduvanshi Rajputs, who claim to be descended from Lord Krishna, are said to have constructed it in the mid-fourteenth century after converting to Islam. The Hill Fort has been open to visitors since 1998, after a lengthy restoration process that began in 1995. The interior gardens, both in the Mardana and Zenana quarters, are beautiful and intimate, enclosing the tent of sky 10 resorts in alwar for family vacation

Neemrana Fort Palace-Neemrana

The Neemrana of the wonderfully restored 15th century Fort-Palace has come to represent a variety of meanings in the last three decades. It is a rare example of utter waste transformed into a 14-tiered miracle with palace wings, courts, and stepped gardens that has received national and international acclaim for architects. For visitors, it means experiencing the past five centuries with contemporary amenities.

Neemrana Fort-Palace is a favorite location for celebrations, feasts, seminars, a quiet retreat for yoga and relaxation, as well as India’s first location where you can experience five thrilling zip-line adventures that literally fly you in the sky. This 14-tiered property spans 10 green hectares / 25 acres, having been built since 1464 CE on a plateau of the two billion year old Aravalli ranges. There are 76 rooms/suites, three meeting rooms (Jazam, Qanat, and Kasturi), hanging gardens, arched pavilions, and balconies for guests to enjoy.

top 10 resorts in alwar for family vacation

Shiva Oasis Resort-Neemrana

The Shiva Oasis Resort, 5 kilometers from Neemrana, provides guests with peace and quiet. It is situated in Rajasthan. The hotel’s vibrant hues and Rajasthan’s genuine spirit are captured in its colors. The resort is located in tranquil surroundings of beautiful Rajasthan, covering an area of over 10 acres of well-manicured gardens. You may rest, recreate, or unwind in the business activities at Shiva Oasis Resort.

It has magnificent green grass that is simply pastoral. Shiva Oasis Resort has 81 air-conditioned rooms with all the amenities you can think of.

top 10 resort in alwar for family vacation

Little Affair Sariska-Tehla

Little affair, a family-owned business established on the premise of its natural surroundings, is an ecological miracle of note. It has six beautiful stone cottages. In 900 square feet of private cottage space equipped with a bedroom, living room, dresser, bathroom, open shower, and outdoor sitting deck to help you feel the feeling of freedom and stillness all in one place, explore the best of Sariska’s wilderness.

top 10 resorts in alwar for family vacation

The Chalet By Rampur-Rajgarh

The Chalet By Rampur is situated in Tehla, 21 kilometers from Sariska National Park, with a garden, terrace, and views of the mountains.

top 10 resort in alwar for family vacation

Burja Haveli Hotel-7th milestone -Alwar

An old Rajasthani haveli, built 240 years ago, has a quirky ethnic appearance and traditional Rajasthani architecture. The haveli has now been turn into a heritage hotel renovation. It’s located in a lush green setting with views of the Aravali hills, and is on Alwar-Rajgarh road. We strive to provide both professional and household services. For the last twenty years, our family and employees have been serving Alwar’s visitors.

We’ve gained valuable knowledge and a worldwide reputation during this time. We are delight to serve you, and we appreciate your business. Please be assured that we will give you our personal attention. To keep and grow our position as the town’s finest hotel. We’re building a society where people really own stuff, and they’re proud of it.

top 10 resort in alwar for family vacation


Desi Thath Resort- Kishangarh Alwar

With an on-site restaurant, luscious green lawn, and an large playground, Desi Thath Resort will revitalize your senses for a perfect vacation. Your memories will be captured forever in the property’s photo sessions. Indoor and outdoor games are available. A bonfire is available for use on the property, and it’s a great place togather with friends or 10 resort in alwar for family vacation

Dadhikar Fort

The Dadhikar Fort is a historic fortification that has been turn into an historic hotel, about 6 kilometers from Alwar city and the Sariska Tiger Sanctuary.

top 10 resort in alwar for family vacation

Sterling Sariska

Sterling Sariska – a lodging that enables you to return home after your excursions into the jungle – is a good spot to explore the rich flora and wildlife of Sariska. The perfect environment to disconnect from the rest of the world is provided by the fountains, gardens, and serene atmosphere. At any time of the day or night, you may dine at a multi-ethnic restaurant and enjoy a 24-hour front desk.

top 10 resort in alwar for family vacation

Van Chhavi Resort Sariska Alwar

With wildlife safaris in a relaxing, luxury atmosphere, the Van Chhavi resort at Sariska National Park is an exciting vacation. Van Chavvi is a 7-acre vacation destination that offers peace to visitors. This resort is a traveller’s delight, located 2 kilometers from a pristine lake.

top 10 resorts for family vacations

Top 10 Resorts In Alwar For Family Vacations Reviews

Introducing Alwar a destination that is perfect for vacationing with the whole family! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a fun-filled trip, these top 10 resort in alwar have got you cover. From golf courses to theme parks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And if you’re looking for something special, be sure to check out alwar’s attractions – they’re sure to leave you with a lasting memory.


Thank you for reading! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 resorts in Alwar for family vacation. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or a bustling resort with all the amenities, we’ve got you coverer. So if you’re thinking of taking your family on a vacation this year, be sure to check out our list.

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